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By planing our business continuity and expansion we abide with the principles of eco-friendly business operations.

We strive to increase the recycling of used oil and offer a used oil collection service to our clients.

Used oil is a hazardous waste that must be collected and transported according to strict environmental requirements. Our employees hold qualification certificates granting the permission to handle hazardous waste.


Did you know that

  • One litre of inappropriately disposed used oil can contaminate almost 1 million litres of fresh water.
  • Half a litre of inappropriately disposed used oil can cover 4 000 m² of water surface with an oil slick and kill marine fauna.
  • Re-refining of used oil takes only about one-third the energy of refining crude oil to lubricant quality.
  • It takes 160 l of crude oil, but only 4 l of used oil, to produce 2.5 l of new, high-quality lubricating oil.
  • 8 l of used oil generate 36 kWh of electricity. This power is sufficient to: one day energy needs of an average household; cook 36 meals in a microwave; dry your hair 216 times; vacuum-clean your home 15 months.


What is used oil?

Used oil is any lubrication oil refined from crude oil or any synthetic base oil and contaminated with physical or chemical deposits.

Used motor oil contains about 80% of base oil. For instance, used diesel motor oil contains water, non-combustible ash, heavy metals, sulphur and particulate matter, such as dirt or sand.

Almost 1/3 of chemical elements from the periodic table are present in used oil.  Heavy metals are present in certain additives, e.g. leaded petrol contains heavy metals; they also get into motor oil from wearing metal surfaces. When released into the environment, heavy metals accumulate in the human body, can have a negative effect on the renal function, nervous system, and cause cancer.


Used oil recycling

The main used oil recycling techniques:

  • Recycling into heavy oil;
  • Recycling into demetalized heavy distillate;
  • Re-refining;
  • Recycling into thermal cracking distillate gas oil.

Recycled motor oil can be used in asphalt production, manufacturing of industrial and household boilers or steel industry. A certain amount of used oil is recycled into new generation motor oil or heavy oil. The remaining part is incinerated in special furnaces to generate electricity.