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Since KuwaiDJI_0002.MP4.00_03_28_01.Still004t Petroleum International (KPI) was formed in 1983, lubricants have played an important role in its business. Oil and lubricants trade branch represented by Q8 Oils brand plays an important role in the European and international lubrication product market.

Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants (KPIL) is KPI subdivision. KPI coordinates all sales of oil products through the organization made of two oil refineries, research and development departments and over 5 000 of retail outlets. KPI has 5 000 employees, daily sales are 75 million litres and the annual turnover is USD 10 billion. The parent company Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), one of the biggest oil companies with reserves to last for 190 years at the present level of consumption, is the main source of strength for KPI and KPIL.

Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants representing Q8Oils brand has become the key player in the global oil market. Backed by significant corporate resources of the parent company, Q8Oils success lies with continuous commitment to product development and adherence to high standards.

Q8 Oils lubricants are formulated and manufactured in four oil factories.  Q8 Oils is responsible for marketing, distribution and sales in Europe and export to other continents.

  • Q8 Oils produces a with range of multi-purpose oils and lubricating products for specific applications. 
  • The company’s research and development programmes ensure that its products meet the increasingly stringent environment and energy efficiency standards. 
  • The company’s operations have been certified under QS9000, ISO9001, ISO9002 quality and ISO14001 environment standards.

Of course, all manufacturers of lubrication products claim the same. Let’s see why Q8 Oils stands out from the others.

Firstly, most oil products are refined from base oil, which being a natural material, tends to differ by composition and quality, depending on the source of origin. Kuwait crude oil is unique for its unchanging composition and top quality; thus it is an excellent raw material for producing the highest quality base oils and other oil products. The base oil for Q8 Oils lubrication products is refined only from Kuwait crude oil, which has a unique chemical composition to this end.   Technological refining processes of the company enable to produce some of the best base oil. Therefore, Q8 Oils can guarantee the unchanging quality of all its products wherever the client would buy them.

The company can be also proud of its flexible approach to clients. Understanding your needs and being your reliable partner, technical consultant or simply a supplier, the company will always find the best solution answering all lubrication needs of your mechanism.

Q8 Oils directly trades in the markets of Benelux countries, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom and exports its products to end users or through authorized distributors in 75 countries of the world. In Sweden the company operates through a joint venture OKQ8.

The company’s goal is to provide customers with high-quality products and superior service, constantly.  Q8 brand guarantees that. This brand is the company’s asset of great significance to the company’s identity.

When it was launched in 1986, the Q8 brand was an instant success. Now it is a global brand well-know in the USA and ChiDJI_0002.MP4.00_05_06_04.Still005nese markets and selling 700 million litres of lubrication products per year. Its strength and originality made it stand out from competing brands, earning a rapid recognition and awareness in the market places. Today almost 20 years after conception it is still being used as an example of good logo design. The graceful sails of a dhow, a typical Arab sailboat, recall a rich history that begins somewhere in antiquity with pearl divers, evoke the history of what once was a proud seafaring nation. The colours yellow, red and blue symbolise the desert, sun and sea receptively.

The range of Q8Oils products consists of more than 1000 different lubrications products, base and process oils, extracts and waxes. Thus KPIL has some of the widest range of lubrication and base oil products in the market.