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Q8Oils brand is owned by the Kuwait company Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants (KPIL), which belongs to the structure of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) , one of the biggest oil corporations in the world.

The company’s history started in 1930 with exploration and experimental drilling of oil wells in Kuwait by the companies Gulf Oil Company and British Petroleum. Four years later, oil was struck in Burgan oil field. Today this oil field is the second largest oil filed in the world.

In 1975, Kuwait government nationalized all oil companies and took over the management of oil and gas resources.

In 1980 a Kuwait Petroleum Corporation was created by joining four national oil companies with the aim to protect and develop Kuwait’s diversified oil interests in the global market. The logo has became KPCtrade mark.

In 1983 a subsidiaryKuwait Petroleum International (KPI) was established to run business in Europe and America.Blending Plant Antwerp @1905

In  1984  KPI was the first to introduce in the European market gasoline with octane rating95, which soon became a common quality standard.

The logo is a stylistic illustration of a typical Arab sailboat used by pearl divers. Today Q8 sailboats are well known all over Europe. KPI independently develops business under this brand in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Thailand through 5000 retail sales points. Besides, the company delivers its products directly through authorised dealers to more than 75 countries of the world, including Lithuania.